Nina Topic
Costume Cutter
Tailor and Seamstress

Originally from Croatia, I moved to Canada year 2009. I was brought up with the sewing, knitting and crochet needles in my hands. Creative handcrafts were part of my life and it was natural to move into that direction in my education and the profession. 


Besides my fashion career, I pursued a sports career as well. Among many outdoor sports (rock climbing, hiking, speleology, skiing, paragliding, horseback riding and other), I stayed with skydiving the longest and made it my seasonal profession for a few years in Canada as a Skydiving Videographer and Photographer.


Once I was introduced into the film industry, I finally found the place where I can employ all my creative skills.


European Fashion Seamstress stands for perfectly fit garment, made from high-quality fabric. 
As a European Seamstress, I am often taking the Designer's role in the project, using my extended knowledge and experience in design, fabrics, pattern drafting, couture sewing, with the attention to details.


My decades-long skydiving career was always connected to my sewing profession. From creating the skydiving jumpsuits, fixings after intense skydiving season to having the privilege of grading the patterns for the first commercial version of skydiving Wingsuit in the history, for Phoenix-Fly company.

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